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At MECCA MOTORS, we take pride in providing top-notch auto repair services and customer service that exceeds expectations. Here are just a few examples of what our customers have had to say about us:


"I had taken our backup car, a 2003 9-3 Vector with a 6-speed manual, to the local Volvo/Saab dealership for a series of issues. I was dismayed by the cost, so I let the car sit for a while. Then I read on the Saab forums about Mecca Motors. As a mechanical engineer by training (but one who travels too much to work on my own car), I love these guys! Reasonable cost estimates, alternate diagnoses, and excellent workmanship. They looked over the entire car, assessed systems, and reviewed the status with me, giving me the confidence to invest in a vehicle with over 130,000 miles on it. The car drives great again! When I had a subsequent problem with a repair item, they stood by their work and took care of me. We are fortunate to have a mechanic that we can trust! The forums are right, if you live in Boston/Cambridge, I think there's no better place to take your Saab for repairs. in fact, we started taking our Volvo too." 

brandon t

"Awesome place and great guys... My car died and the dealer told me the only thing that could be done was to rebuild the engine as it was over $7000 to fix... I called around a few places and he was like "oh sure it just needs [some part]". $250 later my car is back to normal. Definitely making mecca my go-to mechanic!"


"I made an appt and stopped in here a few weeks ago with my A3, and Chuck was busy but still took the time to look into and fix my problem. He was honest, fast, and efficient. My previous MM visit was also positive. I was going here when it was Wooding's Garage, and the transition has been smooth. Yes, I would DEFINITELY recommend Mecca Motors." 

brotha l

"Not much on writing reviews, but this place deserves one. Ever since I bought my 2003 Saab vector 9-3 a few years back, most auto shops try to take advantage of it by tripling the prices of repairs, since the make is discontinued. But at mecca, I pay the exact price, sometimes cheaper if they have any spare parts running around. Thanks for everything Chuck and staff." 

michele d

"I love my '04 Saab, now I'm happy that I have a mechanic who understands Saabs: Mecca Motors. Saabs are tricky over-engineered cars and Mecca Motors has the experience, skills, and tools to keep them running. As another reviewer stated, Chuck doesn't speculate, no crystal ball, the team does their work and gives you a fair quote and options. I've been twice in the last year and I'll go back as needed to keep my car on the road. Thank you Mecca Motors." 


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Our team of skilled technicians is ready to get to work on your car, truck, or SUV, using only the highest-quality tools and materials to ensure a flawless finish every time.

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